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Time to Have Some Fun and Raise Your (Virtual) Paddle

CPX Auctions is the place for collector car enthusiasts to come together and find some new treasures for their collection. It takes only a moment to sign up and get started bidding. Be sure to read the FAQ below and understand the Terms and Conditions.



Even if you already have an account on Collector Part Exchange, a separate login is required specifically for CPX Auctions. We expect to have a single login in the future, so we appreciate your patience until we can make that happen.





What happens when I win an auction?

You will receive an email notification. Congrats! Within 24 hours, you will receive an invoice by email. Pay the invoice by credit card within 48 hours. Then you will coordinate with CPX Auctions to arrange for shipment of the item(s) you won. 


What is the Buyer’s Premium?

A premium of 10% of the final bid price will be charged for all lots, except where expressly indicated otherwise such as special items noted with a 5% premium. The Buyer’s Premium is in addition to the final bid price that is displayed after “Purchased For.” 


Is shipping included?

Shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the winning bidder and are not included in the sale price. Shipping arrangement will be made with CPX Auctions and will vary based on location, number of lots won, carrier preference, insurance, and rate of shipping. In addition, the buyer will be charged the costs of packaging goods and modest handling fee. Items can be arranged to be picked up in person at their location by prior arrangement with the Collector Part Exchange. Shipping costs will be charged separately and can be paid with a credit card.


What if I have questions?

There are two ways to reach out if you have a question. Option one is to post a comment on the page that will be public and the seller can respond to. Option two is to email us at [email protected] with your question. Be sure to include which item you are asking about.


Can I pick up an item that I won?

Items can be picked up in Portland, Oregon, by appointment only. To inquire about picking up a won item, contact us at [email protected]


I'm located outside of the United States, can I bid?

Yes! We welcome bidders from all over the globe. In addition to shipping costs, Foreign bidders will be responsible for any import duties, taxes, and fees upon delivery.


Can I return an item?

Not under normal conditions as bids are final, binding, and irrevocable as soon as the bidder clicks the “Bid” button. If a winning bidder has a dispute about an item once the item has been received, please contact us immediately at [email protected].


What is Automatic Bid Extension (aka "anti sniping")?

Each bid placed within the final two minutes of an auction's closing extends the auction closing time by two minutes automatically. We believe this makes the process fairer and more fun for everyone.


How do bid increments work?

Bid increments define the minimum bid you are allowed to place based on the current highest bid price. For example, let's say the bid increment is $1 for items between a price of $0.01 (min price) and $24.99 (max price) that means if the current highest bid is $10 (between the min price and max price) the smallest bid you can make is $11.00 or $1 (bid increment) over the current price. Bid increments are listed in the table below.


Min Price Max Price Bid Increment
$0.01 $24.99 $1
$25.00 $99.99 $5
$100.00 $249.99 $10
$250.00 $999.99 $25
$1000.00 $4,999.99 $50
$5000.00 $999,999.99 $100